Slamp Clizia Table Lamp Black

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Clizia is a series of shapes fit together to create a perfect balance of reflections and transparencies. This lamp has taken note of natural forms, resembling a cloud that captures the first changing rays of morning sun, or a treetop filtering a play of light and shadows. All of the available versions marry aesthetics with functionality, featuring a magnetic system, connecting them to the ceiling (for the suspensions and applique) or the metal base (for the table and floor lamps). Clizia transforms a space into a landscape without overwhelming it.


Slamp Clizia Table Lamp Black


Brand Slamp
Manufactured In Italy
Colour Black
Product Dimensions W 27 x H 25 cm
Packaged: D 28 x W 28 x H 28 cm
Product Weight 0.45kg
Packaged: 0.85kg
Material Opalflex with Magnetic System coloured steel base
Model Number CLI78TAV0001N_000


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