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Playmobil City Action Set

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Playmobil City Action Set

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This Playmobil set allows you to choose from two different types of themes. Each theme has its own special figures and accessories that will engage your kids engaged for hours.

Fire Rescue Mission Set

The playmobil set Race to the watery scene with the Fire Rescue Club Set. This set has everything you need to tackle the most serious blazes. Speed across the water aboard the speedboat to help extinguish any lingering flames, while the helicopter hovers from above, ready to rescue the lifeboat passengers from the water. With the help of their walkie talkies, communicate with the helicopter crew to make sure they are ready to make the rescue. Then, using the included winch, hook the cable to the floatable lifeboat and raise it to safety. Once ashore, the rescue car can assist. Set includes 98 pieces including five figures, fire boat, fire helicopter, fire car, water hose, lifeboat, megaphone, life jacket, walkie talkies, and other accessories.

Police Tactical Unit Set
You work hard to keep the city streets safe, and you’re always ready for action. With this Playmobil City Action Police Tactical Unit Playset, you’ll be able to uphold the law by air, land and sea. Patrol the sky from the helicopter, which features functional, rotating blades and a spotlight to give you an aerial view of the city. When you see a burglary in progress, alert the command center to send patrol units in hot pursuit. Chase the robbers through the city streets with the quad, then hop aboard the speedboat and floating watercrafts when they try to escape by water. Once you’ve lured them back to shore, read them their rights and take them downtown to show them that crime doesn’t pay.

This product features:

  • Set includes 114 pieces
  • Helicopter has functional, rotating blades and a spotlight to help you keep an eye on the city from above
  • Quad features functional wheels for high-speed land pursuits and can be attached to the motor for use on water
  • Included: Eight police figures Helicopter, speedboat, two personal watercrafts, quad, functioning motor Shovel, rope, video camera Additional accessories.


Playmobil City Action Set


Brand Playmobil
Manufactured In Germany
Material Plastic
Recommended Age 4+
Model Number 9319 / 9043



9319 / 9043




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