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Alien Tape 6 Pack

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Alien Tape 6 Pack

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Alien Tape 6 Pack

It’s a revolutionary new tape that doesn’t use adhesive but is strong enough to hold an incredible 7.94 kg on any surface. Alien Tape is the incredible new advanced grip technology tape that instantly locks anything into place without screws or anchors. It’s also reusable, just remove, rinse and reuse. Use it again and it’s just as strong. Alien Tape defies gravity, even when it’s wet. When you’re done, remove it and there’s no sticky residue. The secret is advanced nano grip technology. It’s like millions of microscopic suction cups that lock on and hold tight to any surface. Pull to release the suction and it comes right off.

Alien Tape grips to everything, instantly. Hang heavy pictures onto any surface in a flash. Use it outdoors to mount without nails or screws. It’s tough and stands up to the elements. Perfect for decorating for the holidays or celebrations. Use it to stop furniture from sliding. It locks into place and won’t damage floors. Keep carpets in place or secure your phone while driving. There’s never any residue because there’s no glue.

This product features:

  • Advanced Nano Grip technology sticks to any surface without adhesives
  • Release cleanly and easily with no sticky residue or damage
  • Reusable, just remove and rinse
  • Alien Tape can securely hold up to 7.94 kg
  • Tough, weather resistant design works for indoors and outdoors
  • Using alien tape is as easy. Simply apply, trim to size and stick to any surface
  • Great for hanging pictures and decorations, stopping furniture and carpet from sliding, securing phones while driving and more
  • 18 metres of tape


Alien Tape 6 Pack


Brand Alien Tape
Manufactured In PRC
Colour Clear
Product Dimensions Product: W 18288 x D 30.2 mm
With Packaging: D 36.6 x W 444.5 x H 374.7 mm
Product Weight Product: 0.2 kg
With Packaging: 1.47 kg
Material Acrylic
Accessories Included Reusable Bags
Model Number 8661AUS





Alien Tape


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