Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes 2 x 632 Pack




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Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes clean and refresh better than dry toilet paper alone. Ultra soft, thick and gentle on skin, these wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and contain aloe and vitamin E. They’re made with EcoFlush Technology from 100% plant-based materials, and are free of chemical binders, which is also safe for well-maintained sewers and septics. These wipes pass extensive testing for flushability, and when flushed one wipe at a time, pass through a home’s well-maintained toilet and drain lines without clogging.


Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes 2 x 632 Pack


Brand Kirkland Signature
Manufactured In UK
Size 632 wipes
Model Number MZ21869X01


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